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Plyage HQ(non detectable)

 Certified product

Avis de Matériel-final-HQ

Plyage Hz (non detectable)

Plyage HzD (detectable)

 Technical Specifications (PDF)

sécurité chantier de construction

Central Cord

The central cord act as the principal visual element. Along with its high mechanical resistance and its special coiling feature, the central cord will tenfold in length once it has been caught by the teeth of the bucket.

Stainless Steel Tracer Wire

The Plyage Hzd as an integrated tracer wire made of stainless steel AISI 304L of 0.8 mm covered in black polypropylene with a final diameter of 1.3 mm. It is detectable with on surface locating equipment for the underground networks.


The mesh is the support base of all active elements providing excellent flatness and easy installation.


Exterior Tapes

The exterior tapes are the secondary visual elements. Due to its longitudinal molecular orientation, the exterior tapes are highly resistant to rupture. The traction of the bucket will tear the tapes creating excellent in-trench visibility.

Composition Characteristics

Material Density of Mass
Polypropylene 0.900 ± 0.010 g/cm3
Color tinted in the mass
Non-corrosive, insensitive to water, chemical products and micro-organisms.

Dimensional Characteristics

    Units Specifications

Width   mm Nominal ± 10 mm
Lenght per roll   m ≥ 100 meters
Perimeter of mesh   mm 360 mm
Width of mesh   mm 2 mm
Weight per roll *
Hz 300 mm wide
Hz 500 mm wide
2.50 ± 5% (2.37 to 2.62)
2.70 ± 5% (2.56 to 2.83)
Hzd 300 mm wide
Hzd 500 mm wide
2.90 ± 5% (2.75 to 3.04)
3.10 ± 5% (2.94 to 3.25)

* Hz ; Non detectable   * Hzd : Detectable

Physico-Chemical Charasteristics


Color     Pantone ou NFX 08 002
Color resistance Nitric Acid
Ammonium Sulfide
Sodium Carbonate
  No discoloration
No discoloration
No discoloration

Mechanical Characteristics

     Units Specifications

Flatness  mm coming of < width / 4
Transversal rigidity mm deflection < width / 4
Mechanical resistance N ≥ 300 N
Loss of width % 20 % max
Open trench simulation cm bucket and in-trench
L ≥ 20 cm et L ≥ 0.2cm







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