Underground Utility Detection Solutions

TechnoConsor Inc. specializes in the distribution of products, such as Plyage® - Warning MeshPlyfort® - Protection Tiles and PlyvalTMconcept - Locate-Detect  for the protection and identification of underground infrastructures. These high quality and standard setting products are especially designed to prevent damages from excavating machinery or mechanical tools.

TechnoConsor Inc. is committed to its clientele. Our common goal is to achieve Security and Safety for on-site workers and the public; and for the Protection of technological and natural resources. Our objective is to promote product awareness at all the levels of government and to the various utility owners across Canada and the United Sates.

Warning Mesh - Plyage


Mechanical Tiles - Plyfort

underground utility detection   The Warning Mesh is made of polypropylene tinted in the mass ensuring high resistance to color fading, aging, humidity, chemical products, micro organisms and freezing.
  Designed to protect underground network of pipes or cables against potential damages from mechanical tools or excavators.






Locate-Detect - Plyval concept

















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